Betty Pieper


Scotia, , NY


Betty Pieper received her first set of oils at the age of ten and has been painting ever since. Her work has been selected by prominent jurors for prestigious regional and national exhibitions and is owned by people throughout the country. Before the age of five, Betty had lived on Dean Street in Brooklyn, on Forsythe Street in Manhattan, on an estate in Westchester county, and with her grandparents in rural New York. She watched her father build their house nearby only to sell it and announce a move to California. In San Bernardino she lived in a trailer park and later in a rural farmhouse without running water, then in an historic mansion with an Indian cellar. How did this itinerant childhood influence her art?

"I learned to expect the unexpected...going to sleep in a car in the darkness of the mountains and waking up to endless desert. Or, seeing the glitter and glow of Las Vegas from the rear window at night and then waking to a sunrise ahead lighting a boulevard of palm trees in California. I had never seen a palm tree before! And how many children can draw and color all day at school? I was allowed to do so because the teacher and the migrant kids spoke only Spanish and I had not a clue. In Canajoharie, I went to the library every day after school. Who knew that the paintings I scrutinized every time I looked up from my homework were original Winslow Homers and other world class art from the Arkell collection?

Later, in Schenectady, my passion for painting ignited from watching the late Salvatore Cascio paint. His way of seeing, his facile rendering of water colors, his innovation astounded me. That he thought I could be another Georgia O'Keefe (I didn't know the name!) didn't hurt either. Yet, I found this well known, talented mentor because he was art director for General Electric Company in Schenectady - yet another move. The past is parent to the present in creative work."

Realizing that my art is intensely personal and autobiographical, I created a series of small works titled, "It's My Life". My search for roots and stability is further expressed in "Six Generations of Women" - life size painted figures from my great grandmother through my granddaughter. For many years now I have lived in the town where my father built our first house and just over the ridge from where my great grandparents settled over a century ago."


Nuns in the Moonlight by Betty Pieper


The Gardener by Betty Pieper


The House that Jack Built in the woods by the water by Betty Pieper


Country Side with Concrete Bridge by Betty Pieper


Almost Abstract Painting by Betty Pieper


Adirondacks by Betty Pieper


Mill Pond in Summer by Betty Pieper


Blue Canvas Chair by Betty Pieper


Hibiscus with an Orange and Sails for Breakfast by Betty Pieper


Not Your Grandma's Clothes Line by Betty Pieper


Beach in August by Betty Pieper


Not Your Grandpa's Potting Stand by Betty Pieper


Allie and Play Dough by Betty Pieper


Angel on Her Shoulder by Betty Pieper


New Born by Betty Pieper


Easter in the Apple Tree by Betty Pieper


Girls on Beach by Betty Pieper


Woman on the Beach by Betty Pieper


Barefoot Girl with Fish by Betty Pieper


Girl in Red Sweater Sitting in Blue Chair by Betty Pieper


Tweens at the Beach by Betty Pieper


Eternal Offering by Betty Pieper


Lemon Eis by Betty Pieper


Girl at Keyboard by Betty Pieper


Girl with First Fish by Betty Pieper


Rusty Hiding His Head by Betty Pieper


Nude and Foyer by Betty Pieper


Moon On Farm Land by Betty Pieper


Marsh Land by Betty Pieper


Back Bay by Betty Pieper


Coffee and Cat by Betty Pieper


Working at the former New York State Head Injury Association by Betty Pieper


Home and Hearth in Taos by Betty Pieper


Native Americans of Taos by Betty Pieper


Connor Hotel in Jerome by Betty Pieper


Montezuma's Well by Betty Pieper


Near Sedona by Betty Pieper


Mountain Cathedral by Betty Pieper


The Raven by Betty Pieper


Road to Zion National Park by Betty Pieper


Desert and Mountains by Betty Pieper


Coronado National Monument by Betty Pieper


Mountains of Santa Fe by Betty Pieper


Chamisa and Mountains of Santa Fe by Betty Pieper


Momma at Slide Rock Park Arizona by Betty Pieper


Sisters at Slide Rock by Betty Pieper


Petunias Ready to Plant by Betty Pieper


Spring at Slide Rock Park by Betty Pieper